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I thought I would take you on a whistle-stop tour of some of the edited highlights of what I have heard, in the hope that it will encourage you to investigate further... "Beyond The Trees" by Melanie Budd is another strong album, in a style that blends a bit of folk and roots and modern pop-country




The visitor of this website should really make a point of listening to "Beyond the Trees"; the first album of the singer/song writer Melanie Budd, originally from Chicago. She is a professional songwriter who can easily be compared to artists such as Jonathan Brooke, Joan Osborne and Shawn Colvin. For "Beyond the Trees" Melanie could count on the American Steve Dawson to produce the record. From the start of this impressive cd it is obvious that she is not a run of the mill singer. Melanie is a talented musician, composer with a dynamic personality.
The producer Steve Dawson did not bury Melanie's songs under many layers of production. The focus lies where it should: on her energetic voice. She plays the acoustic guitar with gusto and is accompanied by a number of excellent musicians. The timeless pearls on this record have an autobiographic character; ten ‘folk and roots' songs I can't get enough of. Warm, forceful and emotional, Melanie Budd is a singer who in my opinion has a great future. Whatever happens, nobody can take the CD "Beyond the Trees" away from me."


A Fifty Cent Lighter & A Whiskey Buzz
A native of Kansas, Budd has been living in The Windy City since the early 1990's. Budd says she's been immersed in music all of her life but only recently started writing her own material while spending time at Chicago's famed Old Town School of Folk Music. Budd's songwriter teacher from the Old Town School, Steve Dawson, is also her producer on this project. Between the two of them, they have created an easy to listen to collection of folk-rock tunes that feels more accomplished than any debut album has the right to


She has her base in Chicago and her touch of folk music gives me a feeling of Simon &Garfunkel when I hear the refrain of her first song "Picture in a frame" - and this is meant in a positive way. I had just heard the last cd of Shawn Colvin - therefore it beats me that she reminds me of Miss Colvin - without by any means copying her. Melanie Budd has her own distinctive voice and sound - and on top of that she writes brilliant melodies and light but substantial lyrics, which give you the feeling of being left with something important when the song is over.



Beat Surrender
Beyond the Trees is the debut album from Kansas born Melanie Budd, now located in Chicago and inspired the Old Town School of Folk Music community to record and release her music the album was produced by a guy who knows his way around a good song, Steve Dawson. Recorded in Dawson's Kernel studio the album also has Diane Christiansen guesting, the ten track release is fine collection of relaxed folk rock